Learning Theories: Fitting the Pieces Together

At the beginning of the current course I am taking on learning theories, we considered what theories explained our learning style. Now at the end of the course after studying behaviorist, cognitive, constructivist, social learning, connectivism, and adult learning theories, we are looking back and re-examining our initial thoughts. My original assessment on how I … More Learning Theories: Fitting the Pieces Together

Neuroscience and Learning Research

This week I spent time researching websites and online journals on the topics of neuroscience and brain-based learning. Neuroscience is the study of how the brain and nervous system functions, while brain-based learning proposes the use of teaching methodologies based on scientific evidence about how the brain learns. Well, it was quite an eye-opening experience … More Neuroscience and Learning Research

Three Favorite Blogs

In the field of Instructional Design (ID), it is important to stay in touch with advancements in the field, such as learning theories, strategies, design and development processes, and technologies. The ability to network and gain insights from other instructional designers is one valuable way to do this, and the internet makes this easy to … More Three Favorite Blogs